Enjoy safe, reliable and on-time deliveries with us. Our very own truck fleet.

ICI TRANS was established in 2008.

In a short period of time we have achieved an impeccable reputation, based on our solid conscientiousness and loyalty towards our clients. We have every confidence to say that our services stand head and shoulders above the others on the market, which makes us both trusted and excellent business partner.


New trucks

We have brand new trucks, equipped with cutting-edge technologies by which we can meet any deadline and guarantee our customers satisfaction.


Personalized attention

At ICI TRANS, we endeavor to ensure top quality service and personalized attention with the added value of our experience. Take advantage of dedicated employee to increase your satisfaction.


All sorts of freight services

We can manage all transport needs no matter the destination.


Certificates of insurance

Certificate for reinforced body structure, Freight forwarder’s responsibilities, Carrier’s responsibilities etc.


Our truck fleet consists of 13.60 long haul trucks by Renault. We relied on the tried and tested quality offered by our long-term partners from Renault Truck Bulgaria. The engines are of the highest quality, meeting the EURO 6 standards and following our environmentally friendly policy to work in harmony with nature and conserve the environment. Our storage areas have Certificate for reinforced body structure EN XL12642. 24H. GPS tracking.
Semi-trailers with side curtain system 13.60m -95m3 / Dimensions (length/ width /height) 13,60 x 2,48 x 2,80/ Side curtains / ADR safety equipment/Edscha trailer.
Tautliner Semi trailer – 13.60m -95m3 / Dimensions (length/ width /height) 13,60 x 2,50 x 2,80/ Steeliner/ ADR safety equipment.